Learning From The Past

I really enjoy learning about the history of computing and scientific discoveries as the stories behind the work are often even more interesting than the innovations themselves. I think that it is important as technical professionals in industry and academia to understand how technology and the industry has evolved. Understanding this progression enables us to anticipate what is coming next and in turn can drive innovation. In this spirit I will share something with you that you may or may not know...

A Long Time Ago...The 1980's

I have friends that worked at NeXT, one of the most influential tech companies in our time. This means I am lucky enough to hear first-hand accounts of the history of all things tech, cool war stories etc. Although I knew that NeXT was where Mac OS was invited, I didn't know that the App Store was invented there as well.

If you are interested in this type of nerd history and want to learn more, checkout the AppStorey website and video.