Welcome to new home for the Quarks & Bits Blog! I will update this site with new and old posts soon enough :)

A Bit About Me

I am Computer Science, PhD candidate and Assistant Professor at Pace University in New York City. I also have over 11 years of experience designing and implementing high-value applications. In addition to conducting hand-wavy research I am currently working as a software engineer and researcher at an AI start up in New York City.

My prior academic experience includes natural language processing and artificial intelligence research as well as professional search, information retrieval and platform development experience.

Current Research Interests

I have explored a number of topics of interests while I have been pursing my PhD. Below are some of my technical and research interests.

  • Automated cyber reasoning systems
  • General Artificial Intelligence
  • Fast / Transfer Learning
  • Causal & Probabilistic Based Learning Models
  • Catastrophic Forgetting in Deep Neural Networks
  • Knowledge graphs and modeling knowledge for intelligent systems
  • Machine reading comprehension
  • Using an artificial neocortex as a self-wiring network to generate pattern matching models
  • Artificial life and the emergence of behavior and communication
  • Intelligent communication protocols for intelligent AI agents
  • Using ADS-B data to find interesting features for detecting surveillance aircraft.